Bill Foley
Non-Executive Chairman of the Board
Randy Quirk
Executive Vice-Chairman of the Board
Mike Nolan
Chief Executive Officer
Tony Park
Chief Financial Officer
Peter Sadowski
Chief Legal Officer
John Crowley
Chief Information Officer
Paul Perez
Chief Compliance Officer & Deputy Chief Legal Officer
Tara Van Rooy
General Counsel
Tiffany Green
Chief Audit Officer
Pat Rhodin
Chief Risk Officer
Katie Schmidt
Chief Regulatory Officer
Liz Reilly
Chief Privacy Officer
Joe Grealish
President, Eastern Operations & National Agency Operations
Ray Marine
Co-President, Western Operations
Don Dubois
Co-President, Western Operations
Donald Cole
Chief Underwriting Counsel
Melissa Circelli
Chief Human Resources Officer
Brian Maughan
Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer
Mike Gravelle
General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Jason Nadeau
Chief Digital Officer